I’m Back, Finally…

Hello Again. So my plan of blogging during fall quarter obviously failed. Badly. Nonetheless, I am definitely still invested in this blog. Now that my stressful classes and finals are over, I can finally enjoy my winter break and get back to watching movies. Well I should say watching movies I actually like. I took a film class this past quarter and the required films were pretty lame. Any who, with all my free time I’ve been going media crazy, which includes looking for Italian soap operas online (another fail) and watching Glee for the first time. So, I know this isn’t a television blog, but I am a lover of all forms of entertainment and I have to comment on Glee.

So, I tried to get into Glee around the time that the 2nd season was starting up. I hate jumping into shows half-way through, so I started watching re-runs of the 1st season. For some reason I suck at tuning in to things and I eventually fell off with the show. However, last week I discovered that Netflix has the first two seasons on instant. Enter an awesome way for me to procrastinate instead of studying for my finals. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the plot of the show, more so than the singing. I love how exaggerated every character is; my favorites are Sue and Principal Figgins. Nonetheless, I have an issue with some of the stereotypes. Mercedes being the “ghetto girl” and literally saying “I’ll cut you” is not cool. And it’s highly unrealistic especially since her father is a dentist. I was really annoyed by the fact that the school for juvenile delinquent girls was full of black and Latina girls. They even went so far as to have them dancing provocatively to “Bootylicious.” I’ll admit that I laugh at some of their racially charged jokes, but I’m not cool with their negative stereotyping of black people and their relegation of people of color to minor roles. I hope this gets better as the seasons progress (I am only on episode 11 of season 1).

Back to the movies. Look out for a post later today on An American in Paris, which I happened to catch on TCM.

On a side note, I’ve decided to just add films to my list if I feel like reviewing them. Sticking to 92 is too difficult for an indecisive person like myself. I’m also debating about whether I should change the blog theme.

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